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PIANO AND CO was founded in Marseille, France in 2003 by pianist Nathalie NÉGRO.

In 2021, PIANO AND CO became the first musical company in the Provence-Alpes-Côte D’Azur region led by a woman to be recognized by the French Ministry of Culture.

The company is dedicated to contemporary music creation and its artistic activities revolve around creation, transmission, distribution, research, and innovation. Most recently, the company developed a mentoring program for artists.

PIANO AND CO is equally committed to the promotion of the contemporary music repertoire and to the renewal of its artistic expression, particularly through mixing different genres and techniques, such as digital tools, visual arts, traditional music, and urban poetry. The company’s main objectives are to raise awareness and to develop new audiences for contemporary music through projects that bring together amateur and professional musicians.

Artistic director Nathalie NÉGRO has a long practice of artistic and cultural actions in diverse environments, including schools, universities, social organizations, medical institutions, and correctional facilities. Her productions are performed regularly at national cultural venues.

In recent years, the company has led multi-partner European projects based on contemporary music that always include musical practice (workshops, masterclasses), research, and distribution. These European projects always have strong connections to new and emerging technologies.

For instance, in 2017, PIANO AND CO created the Europe in C project structured around the famous piece by the American composer Terry RILEY. Europe in C fostered mobility and created a collective, digital, and open musical practice. The project was supported by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme and involved conservatories, universities, and research centres in Italy, Greece, Germany, Belgium, and France.

PIANO AND CO is currently working on the project MUSICAL BOUNCE BACK: Promoting the role of women in music and connecting for a new pedagogy, with the objective of highlighting and enhancing the role of women in contemporary musical creation.

In 2023, the project received the ONU Femmes France / Génération Égalité” label for all its dissemination work on gender equality at a European scale. 

As the only French institution equipped with the LoLa system (Low Latency), a high-quality, low latency audio/video transmission system, PIANO AND CO creates projects using this ground-breaking tool that enables remote rehearsals with no latency.

Nathalie Négro

Nathalie NÉGRO is a classical pianist who embraced contemporary music and creation early in her career, leading to the development of a series of successful multidisciplinary projects involving digital and electronic technologies. 

In 2003, she founded the production company PIANO AND CO, which is involved in a range of artistic activities related to contemporary music creation.

She promotes the mix of musical genres to allow musicians from different artistic and cultural backgrounds to meet and perform together in projects such as the slam opera 80 000 000 de Vues or Cross By, which combined repetitive music and game art, or when she collaborates with traditional music performers.

Her creations have been presented by national venues in France such as Opéra de Reims, Théâtre de Mâcon, Théâtre en Dracénie, Bateau Feu de Dunkerque, Tandem Scène Nationale, Hippodrome de Douai, Le Phénix de Valencienne Scène Nationale, Conservatoire de Puteaux, and Festival de Marseille Danses et Arts multiples. She has also toured France and internationally as a pianist.

The artist uses music as a vehicle for her commitment to issues such as the visibility of women in music, the democratization of access to contemporary music, and supporting new generations of artists.

As a trained mediator, she has directed workshops with a wide range of participants, including incarcerated women, psychiatric hospital patients, migrants, disadvantaged youth, and students.

She has also lectured at the IEP Science-Po Aix-en-Provence, where she served as an associate artist in 2017.

In recent years, Nathalie NÉGRO has launched European projects involving youth and uniting amateur and professional musicians. Europe In C, which was structured around Terry RILEY’s emblematic repetitive music composition, brought together a total of 2000 people, including 50 young European musicians over two years.

Nathalie Négro is currently heading the Euro-Mediterranean project MUSICAL BOUNCE BACK which mixes creation and pedagogical journey in order to raise awareness on the visibility of women in musique among young musicians, teachers, and the general public.

Regularly invited to round tables as well as different expert committees, she has been the president of Cité de la Musique in Marseille since June 2023.  She is also on the artistic board of Casa de Velásquez of Madrid since the begining of 2024.


Nathalie Négro – Artistic Director – direction@pianoandco.fr
Perrine Verstraeten – Associate Director – administration@pianoandco.fr
Julie Gardair
– Production Manager – production@pianoandco.fr
Laura Merckx – European project Coordinator – coordination@pianoandco.fr
Alice Cabon – Communication Officer – communication@pianoandco.f

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