©Colabruno / ©S.Meens / ©PIANOANDCO

Piano Loop

Prepared piano / Electroacoustic


Nathalie Négro [Prepared piano]
Olivier Stalla [Electroacoustic]

A creation for piano that develops a nourishing sound universe with informatic loops and facilitates improvisation through its live development process.

The pianist Nathalie Négro and the electroacoustic composer Olivier Stalla created this duet during an event in honour of Yannis Xénakis. Both musicians share a passion for research into different sound materials.

The unique feature of this duet is that they adapt the music according to the sound universe of the places that welcome them: factories, printing presses, port zones, nature parks…

The informatic loops and melodic or rhythmic cells that are played slowly build an accumulation of musical layers. The improvisation is developed from a palette of sounds recorded at the performance site.

Thanks to spatialization techniques, the audience is completely immersed in sound.

Olivier Stalla

Olivier Stalla is a broad-spectrum musician and composer who has trained with Yvan Julien, Georges Bœuf, and Emmanuel Nunes. He composes for theatre, short and long films, and television. An author of written and electroacoustic music, he also teaches at the Université de Toulon, at the A.I.S. image and sound workshops, and at the CFMI training centre.